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At the Kranjčec Clinic, we want to provide all patients with the most up-to-date service in the field of medicine.


Our goal is to introduce the highest quality treatments and push the boundaries of treatment in order to become a leading center in the modern age of medicine.

Our vision

Polyclinic  Kranjčec is a private polyclinic located at the address Ulica Postrojbi Specijalne Policije 5 in Zadar.

Our Polyclinic, along with excellent service and high-quality and modern equipment, provides a multidisciplinary approach to the patient.

Diagnostics and conservative or surgical treatment are carried out by a team of eminent experts who  constantly improve and, if necessary, cooperate closely.

We offer you a wide range of diagnostic tests, we perform various surgical procedures under local anesthesia, especially minimally invasive procedures, which enables a quick recovery.

Our goal is to provide patients with continuity of healthcare services for selected areas of activity.

dr. Zoran Kranjčec,
founder of the Kranjčec Polyclinic








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dr. Zoran Kranjčec is primarily a great expert who, with his knowledge, experience and approach, instills great confidence in patients. Due to his great knowledge, many years of experience and dedication to the patient, Dr. Kranjčec always finds the best and simplest solution. The examination is very pleasant and with carefully dosed humor, the doctor manages to remove all embarrassment and fear.

I especially praise the approach to children who adore Dr. Kranjčec precisely because of his friendly approach and likeability. The polyclinic is modern and superbly equipped and filled with a very pleasant atmosphere where you feel welcome, safe and comfortable at every moment.  We recommend you to everyone and thank you for everything!


This kind of approach to the patient, kindness, calmness, warmth, detail, patience, extraordinary sense of humor... and all this wrapped in love and the desire to truly help, are not often found. I just experienced all that today with my little girl at Dr. Kranjčec. A man devoted himself so much to a child that I still don't believe that we have experienced it. And finally, a dear and kind nurse ended the story with her warmth and smile. I don't have enough words to thank you...
This is how you work with people! ♥️♥️♥️


Dear Dr. Kranjčec, I have had a lot of operations in my life, but what I experienced in your polyclinic surpasses everything. The best approach to the patient, you feel as if you didn't come for surgery, very professional and relaxed, with a lot of spirit and laughter, and the result of the operation was very successful, of course, with the assistance of nurse Natalija. Great praise and recommendations.


All praise and recommendation for Poliklinika Kranjčec. A very warm and professional welcome, especially Dr. Zoran Kranjčec - a professional, extremely kind and approachable doctor.


Professionalism and kindness at a very high level. I regularly go to Dr. Sekula, a pulmonologist, and I am very satisfied. I absolutely recommend it.


Top clinic, top professional warm approach... it's a great rarity and luck to come across such a good clinic. Dr. Boris Poljak is a perfect doctor like everyone else in that clinic. From 💓 I recommend it to everyone.


I can only confirm all the positive comments about Dr. Kranjcec. Along with his expertise, I would also mention his warm, cordial, humane attitude towards patients. I especially like his fine, unobtrusive sense of humor that creates a relaxing atmosphere in the office and, most importantly, a doctor you can trust.


Kudos to Dr Kranjčec and his staff, I am very satisfied both during the operation and afterwards.
My recommendations.



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